Triangle cabochon Labradorite necklace with silver fan shape on sterling silver chain

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"Triangle Cabochon Labradorite Necklace with Silver Fan Shape"


Elevate your style with this enchanting triangle cabochon labradorite necklace. The mesmerizing labradorite, in a bezel setting, takes center stage, accompanied by an exquisite silver fan shape. This necklace seamlessly blends artistry and nature, making it a captivating accessory.
Handcrafted Spring Ring Clasp:

Secured with a handcrafted spring ring clasp, the necklace ensures both security and ease of wear. The clasp, thoughtfully designed and meticulously crafted, adds a touch of artisanal charm to the piece, underscoring the commitment to craftsmanship.
Chain Length:

With a length of 20 inches, the sterling silver chain drapes gracefully around your neckline. This versatile length allows the pendant to sit elegantly, making it suitable for a range of necklines and occasions. It's a versatile piece that can effortlessly transition from day to night.
Triangle Cabochon Labradorite Brilliance:

The focal point of the necklace is the stunning triangle cabochon labradorite, measuring 45.5 mm by 67.5 mm. Labradorite's characteristic play of colors, ranging from blues and greens to golds and violets, ensures that each glance reveals a different facet of its captivating beauty.
Silver Fan Shape Accent:

The labradorite pendant is complemented by a striking silver fan shape. Crafted with precision and adorned with intricate details, the fan shape adds an element of sophistication and artistry to the overall design.
Versatile Elegance:

This pendant necklace effortlessly merges elegance with versatility. Whether paired with casual or formal attire, it adds a touch of sophistication. The labradorite's ever-changing colors make it a versatile accessory that complements various styles.
Artful Composition:

The pendant's design is a testament to artful composition, where the labradorite and silver fan shape coalesce seamlessly. The bezel setting enhances the labradorite's natural allure, and the fan shape brings a contemporary aesthetic to the piece.
Labradorite's Mystical Aura:

Labradorite is often associated with mystical properties, believed to enhance intuition and spiritual insight. Wearing labradorite is not just a style choice; it's a way to connect with the gemstone's calming energy and embrace a sense of balance and protection.
Statement Size Pendant:

The generous size of the pendant makes a bold statement without being overpowering. It allows the intricate details of the labradorite and the fan shape to shine, creating a piece that captures attention and admiration.
Timeless Beauty:

Labradorite's timeless allure ensures that this pendant necklace remains a timeless piece of jewelry. It's not just a fashion accessory; it's an investment in a piece that transcends trends, staying stylish for years to come.
Fan Shape Symbolism:

The fan shape adds a symbolic touch to the pendant, representing elegance and grace. It's a subtle yet meaningful detail that enhances the overall aesthetic, contributing to the necklace's unique character.
Handcrafted Excellence:

Every element of this pendant necklace is meticulously handcrafted to perfection. From the bezel setting securing the labradorite to the intricate details of the silver fan shape, each component reflects the skill and dedication of the artisan.
Labradorite's Dynamic Display:

Labradorite's dynamic display of colors ensures that the pendant is ever-changing, creating a captivating visual experience. The play of colors reflects the gemstone's natural beauty and adds an element of excitement to the piece.
Modern Sophistication:

The combination of labradorite and the silver fan shape results in a piece that exudes modern sophistication. It's a necklace designed for those who appreciate contemporary elegance with a touch of the extraordinary.

Necklace measure: 20 inches
Pendant measure: 45.5 mm W x 67.5 mm H

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