Boom Chappell

sirilak samanasakI have a passion for jewelry and design. The inspiration for the pieces that I create come from the trees, the flowers, the fire and the water. My designs have a very organic feel using shapes and patterns found in nature. I am driven by creating unique designs that showcase the inspiration that I find in Chaing Mai and in nature.

Because of the wealth of cultural history and the sheer number of traditional designs and artisans, I have had access to a unique collection of materials to craft my collections from. It is from these raw materials that my jewelry takes shape. The cultural heritage of Chiang Mai is alive inside my jewelry.

My artistic back ground is in painting and the arts and the skills I gained studying painting easily transfer themselves to my passion for jewelry. The thing that I strive for more than anything else is to give make unique jewelry that will be loved and cared for throughout generations. Nothing would makes more more proud than to know that I will be able to make people happy, long after I am gone.

Each of the stones that I use has been hand selected to be of the highest quality and only the best components are used. I put a great deal of time into the selection of materials for each individual design and this care and effort shows in the quality of each piece.

I am a very experienced jeweller and I have been working in this industry for more than 15 years. My jewelry has been featured in the pages of major fashion magazines and has graced the shelves of some of the top design houses in the USA and UK. Metal studio is my private project and workshop it is not so much a store but a place to display my unique works and to greet my customers and allow them to experience the care and devotion that goes into each piece.

If you are looking for a unique design that you can cherish for years to come, please stop by the shop and see what I currently have on offer. The selection changes from day to day as the designs in the shop are my personal artistic expression.

You are more than welcome in the studio and I would be happy to greet you and show you around. Please stop any time and see what’s new.

Boom Chappell
Aka Sirilak Samanasak