Sterling silver circle shape pendant necklace with moonstone, iolite and black star diposide on sterling silver chain

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"Sterling Silver Circle Shape Pendant Necklace with Moonstone, Iolite, and Black Star Diopside on Sterling Silver Chain"


Embrace the mystique of this enchanting pendant necklace, a symphony of sterling silver craftsmanship adorned with the celestial allure of moonstone, the deep blue of iolite, and the captivating gleam of black star diopside. The 18.5-inch sterling silver chain cradles a pendant that is both a statement of sophistication and a celebration of celestial beauty.

The necklace is secured with a meticulously handcrafted spring ring clasp, marrying functionality with elegance for a seamless and secure fit.

Moonstone, Iolite, and Black Star Diopside Pendant:

At the heart of the pendant, a sterling silver circle becomes a canvas for the ethereal dance of moonstone, the deep allure of iolite, and the mesmerizing star-like phenomenon in the black star diopside. The harmonious blend of these gemstones creates a captivating interplay of light and color.
Sterling Silver Craftsmanship:

The pendant showcases the artistry of sterling silver craftsmanship. Smooth contours and a polished surface elevate the beauty of the gemstones, creating a piece that exudes elegance and sophistication.
Handcrafted Spring Ring Clasp:

Fastened with a handcrafted spring ring clasp, the necklace combines functionality with grace. The clasp is not just a secure closure; it's a subtle detail that contributes to the overall aesthetics of the piece.
Celestial Elegance:

This necklace seamlessly blends celestial elegance with earthly sophistication. The moonstone's iridescence, the iolite's deep blue hues, and the starry allure of the black star diopside make it a celestial celebration around your neck.
Versatile Beauty:

From daytime chic to evening glamour, this pendant necklace effortlessly transitions through occasions. The versatility of its design and the rich interplay of gemstone colors make it a striking accessory for any ensemble.
Subtle Statement:

Make a subtle statement with this pendant necklace, where the celestial allure of moonstone, the richness of iolite, and the star-like shimmer of black star diopside come together in harmonious elegance.
Timeless Appeal:

Indulge in the timeless appeal of this sterling silver pendant necklace. It's not just jewelry; it's an expression of your individual style and a testament to the enduring beauty of classic design.
Adorn yourself with the celestial beauty of this pendant necklace, a masterpiece that captures the essence of the night sky in sterling silver and precious gemstones.

Necklace measure: 18.5 inches
Pendant measure: 44.5 mm W x 41.5 mm L