Princess cut London blue topaz ring and diamond in bezel setting with 18k gold high polished band

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"Princess Cut London Blue Topaz Ring with Diamond on 18k Gold High Polished Band"


This magnificent ring showcases a princess-cut London Blue Topaz gemstone set in a secure and stylish bezel setting.

The London Blue Topaz measures 4.2mm in width and 4.1mm in height, displaying its striking deep blue hue and exceptional clarity. The princess cut adds a contemporary touch to this classic gem.

On one side of the London Blue Topaz, there is a dazzling diamond set in a complementary bezel setting. The diamond measures 2mm in height, adding an extra touch of brilliance and elegance to the design.

The ring's band is crafted from 18k gold, polished to a high shine. This gives the band a luxurious and reflective appearance, enhancing the overall allure of the ring.

The option for free resizing ensures that this stunning ring can be adjusted to provide the perfect fit on the wearer's finger.


The ring features a princess-cut London Blue Topaz with dimensions of 4.2mm in width and 4.1mm in height. The deep blue color and remarkable clarity of the London Blue Topaz make it a captivating centerpiece.

This ring includes a diamond, measuring 2mm in height, which adds an extra layer of sparkle and sophistication to the design. The diamond's brilliant facets complement the London Blue Topaz, creating a beautiful combination.
This princess-cut London Blue Topaz ring, adorned with a dazzling diamond, presents a modern twist on a timeless gem. The London Blue Topaz, with its deep blue shade and superb clarity, takes center stage in a sleek bezel setting. A brilliant diamond, also in a bezel setting, adds an element of refinement and radiance to the overall design. The band, crafted from 18k gold and expertly polished to a high shine, provides a sense of luxury and sophistication. With free resizing available, achieving the perfect fit for the wearer is easy.

Gemstone Measures (London Blue Topaz): 4.2 mm W x 4.1 mm H
Gemstone measures:(diamond) 2 mm H

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