Princess cut Blue sapphire ring in bezel settings and tiny diamond with 18k gold high polished band

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"Princess Cut Blue Sapphire Ring with Tiny Diamond on 18k Gold High Polished Band"


This exquisite ring features a stunning princess-cut blue sapphire in a secure and elegant bezel setting.

The blue sapphire measures 3.2mm in both width and height, showcasing its vivid blue hue and pristine clarity. Its princess cut adds a modern and stylish edge to this classic gemstone.

On one side of the sapphire, you'll find a tiny, brilliant diamond, adding a touch of sparkle and sophistication to the design. The diamond measures 2.7mm in height and 3.3mm in width, with a weight of 0.18 carats.

The band of this remarkable ring is crafted from 18k gold, which has been expertly polished to a high shine. This creates a band that's not only luxurious but also reflective, enhancing the overall beauty of the ring.

Free resizing ensures that this beautiful ring can be tailored to fit perfectly on the wearer's finger.


The ring features a princess-cut blue sapphire with dimensions of 3.2mm in both width and height. The sapphire's captivating blue color and crisp clarity are emphasized by its modern princess cut.

The tiny diamond in this ring measures 2.7mm in height and 3.3mm in width, with a delightful weight of 0.18 carats. Its brilliance and petite size complement the sapphire, adding an element of refinement to the overall design.
This princess-cut blue sapphire ring, adorned with a tiny diamond, showcases a contemporary take on a classic gem. The blue sapphire's vivid hue and precise cut are accentuated by its bezel setting. A small yet brilliant diamond adds a touch of sophistication and sparkle to the design. The 18k gold band, highly polished for a lustrous finish, adds a sense of luxury to the ring. With free resizing available, it's easy to ensure a perfect and comfortable fit for the wearer.

Gemstone measures(blue sapphire): 3.2 mm W x 3.2 mm H
Gemstone measures:(diamond) 2.7 mm H x 3.3 mm H
Diamond weight: 0.18 ct