Oval Blue topaz ring and twin side set pyrite with 14k gold geometric texture band

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Unleash your inner radiance with our Oval Blue Topaz Ring, complemented by twin side-set Pyrite gems and a captivating 14k gold geometric texture band. This exquisite piece effortlessly combines elegance and modernity, making it a true statement of style.

• Gemstone measures (blue topaz): 5 mm W x 7 mm H
• Gemstone measures (pyrite): 1.9 mm W

Meticulously crafted with attention to detail, the oval blue topaz gemstone takes center stage, exuding a captivating hue that catches the light from every angle. The twin side-set pyrite gems add a touch of sparkle and intrigue, enhancing the overall allure of this remarkable ring.

The 14k gold geometric texture band adds a modern twist, symbolizing your unique sense of style and individuality. The intricate texture creates a visual appeal that is both contemporary and timeless.

For your utmost convenience, we offer free resizing, ensuring a perfect fit that will make you feel comfortable and confident throughout the day.


• Metal: 14k gold
• Band Style: Geometric texture
• Gemstone Measures (Blue Topaz): 5 mm W x 7 mm H
• Gemstone Measures (Pyrite): 1.9 mm W
• Free resizing available

Experience the enchantment of our Oval Blue Topaz Ring, adorned with twin side-set pyrite gems, and embraced by a 14k gold geometric texture band. Let the captivating blue topaz gemstone and the shimmering pyrite gems ignite your style with a touch of sophistication. This exceptional piece reflects your individuality and celebrates the beauty of fine craftsmanship.