Oval blue star sapphire ring and diamond secondary with 18k gold texture band

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"Oval Blue Star Sapphire Ring with Diamond Accent on 18k Gold Texture Band"


This stunning ring features an oval blue star sapphire as its centerpiece, exuding a mesmerizing play of light known as asterism. The sapphire's celestial qualities are showcased by the distinct star-shaped pattern that appears when illuminated.

The blue star sapphire measures 7.14mm in width, 9.54mm in height, and 5.44mm in depth, creating a substantial and eye-catching presence on the finger.

A thoughtful design detail includes a textured 18k gold band that adds a tactile and artisanal quality to the ring. The texture enhances the overall visual interest and complements the sapphire's enchanting allure.

As an accent to the main gemstone, there are two diamonds on each side of the blue star sapphire. These diamonds measure 2mm in width and 3.7mm in height, providing a delicate yet sparkling contrast to the deep blue hue of the sapphire.

Crafted for versatility, the ring comes with the option for free resizing, ensuring a perfect and comfortable fit for the wearer.


The blue star sapphire, with dimensions of 7.14mm x 9.54mm x 5.44mm, showcases a captivating asterism, revealing a stunning star pattern when exposed to light.

The accent diamonds, each measuring 2mm x 3.7mm, contribute additional brilliance and sophistication to the design.

The blue star sapphire has a weight of 3.874 carats, emphasizing its substantial size and deep blue color.

The total diamond weight for the two accent diamonds is 0.03 carats, adding a touch of sparkle to complement the central sapphire.

This "Oval Blue Star Sapphire Ring with Diamond Accent on 18k Gold Texture Band" is a statement piece that seamlessly combines the celestial allure of the blue star sapphire with the elegance of diamonds and the textured warmth of an 18k gold band. Whether worn as a special occasion piece or a unique everyday accessory, this ring is sure to capture attention and admiration.

Gemstone measures:(blue star sapphire) 7.14 mm W x 9.54 mm H x 5.44 D
Gemstone measures:(diamonds) 2 mm W x 3.7 mm H
Diamond weight: 0.03 ct
Blue sapphire weight: 3.874 ct

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