Natural star ruby ring in bezel settings with 18k gold texture band

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"Natural Star Ruby Ring with 18k Gold Texture Band"


Star Ruby: This elegant ring showcases a stunning natural star ruby in a bezel setting. The star ruby measures 4.2mm in width and 5mm in height. Star rubies are celebrated for their unique optical effect known as asterism, which adds a touch of magic to this beautiful gem.
Band Material:

The ring features a delicate band made from 18k yellow gold, with a width of 1.2mm.
Band Texture:

The 18k gold band is textured to create an intricate and captivating design, adding depth and character to the ring.

This ring offers free resizing for your convenience, ensuring that it fits you perfectly.

Ring Style: Natural Star Ruby Ring with 18k Gold Texture Band
Gemstone: Star Ruby
Setting: Bezel
Band Material: 18k Yellow Gold
Band Width: 1.2mm
Gemstone Measures (Star Ruby): 4.2mm W x 5mm H
Resizing: Free Resizing
This ring is a testament to the allure of star rubies, renowned for their captivating asterism, which creates a star-like effect when exposed to light. The star ruby is securely set in a bezel, giving it a classic and timeless look. The 18k yellow gold band, textured to perfection, enhances the ring's overall appeal. With the added benefit of free resizing, this ring offers both elegance and convenience, ensuring it will be a cherished addition to your jewelry collection.