Maligano Jasper with silver leaf shape on sterling silver chain necklace

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The Maligano Jasper necklace is a captivating piece of jewelry featuring a silver leaf-shaped pendant gracefully suspended from a sterling silver chain. This exquisite necklace is secured with a handcrafted S-hook clasp, adding an extra touch of artisanal craftsmanship to the design.


Necklace Length: 21.5 inches
Pendant Dimensions: 45.5 mm Width x 106 mm Length
Gemstone Dimensions: 39 mm Width x 30 mm Length

This necklace is a true work of art, with its silver leaf-shaped pendant, beautifully showcasing a Maligano Jasper gemstone. The necklace measures 21.5 inches in length, making it an ideal accessory to enhance your style. The pendant itself measures 45.5 mm in width and an impressive 106 mm in length, drawing attention with its intricate leaf design. The Maligano Jasper gemstone within the pendant is 39 mm in width and 30 mm in length, adding a touch of natural elegance to the piece. The handcrafted S-hook clasp ensures both style and security. Be sure to note the SKU to easily identify and locate this necklace in your collection.