Green turquoise pendant necklace in silver bezel and prongs setting

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Introducing our "Green Turquoise" Pendant Necklace, a stunning piece that showcases the natural beauty of turquoise gemstone with its unique color variations. This exquisite pendant necklace features a captivating green turquoise gemstone, set in a sterling silver bezel and prongs setting. The pendant delicately hangs from a handcrafted oxidized sterling silver chain, creating a harmonious and artisanal accessory.

The centerpiece of this necklace is the green turquoise gemstone, measuring 12mm in width and 14mm in height. Due to the natural variations in turquoise, the color may exhibit slight differences, adding to the individuality and charm of each piece. The gemstone's rich green hues evoke a sense of nature and tranquility, making it a captivating choice.

The green turquoise gemstone is securely held in place by a sterling silver bezel and prongs setting. This setting not only showcases the gemstone's vibrant color but also offers durability and protection to the stone.

The pendant elegantly dangles from a 17.5-inch oxidized sterling silver chain. The handcrafted oxidized finish on the chain adds an antique and rustic feel, complementing the organic appeal of the turquoise gemstone.

For the closure, we've selected a spring ring clasp. This clasp style provides both security and ease of use, ensuring that the necklace remains securely in place while allowing for effortless wear.


Necklace Style: "Green Turquoise" Pendant Necklace
Gemstone: Green Turquoise
Pendant Measures: 12mm W x 14mm H
Setting: Sterling Silver Bezel and Prongs
Chain Material: Oxidized Sterling Silver
Necklace Length: 17.5 inches
Clasp: Spring Ring Clasp
Please note that the unique variations in color within the turquoise gemstone are an inherent and desirable characteristic of natural gemstones.

The "Green Turquoise" Pendant Necklace celebrates the allure of natural gemstones and showcases the beauty of turquoise in its various shades. This necklace is an embodiment of style and nature, making it an exceptional addition to your jewelry collection.

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