Brown Brazilian druzy necklace with silver fan shape on oxidized sterling silver chain

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"Brown Brazilian Druzy Necklace with Silver Fan Shape on Oxidized Sterling Silver Chain"


Brown Brazilian Druzy: This necklace features a captivating brown Brazilian druzy as its centerpiece. Druzy is known for its sparkling, crystalline surface, which adds a touch of natural elegance.
Pendant Design:

The pendant is beautifully designed with a silver fan shape, perfectly complementing the unique and earthy charm of the brown Brazilian druzy.
Oxidized Sterling Silver Chain:

The necklace features a unique oxidized sterling silver chain, which enhances the overall aesthetic appeal and provides a beautiful contrast to the brown druzy pendant.
Chain Length:

With a lengthy 25-inch chain, this necklace offers versatility in terms of how you choose to wear it. Whether as a long statement piece or layered with other necklaces, it adds a touch of elegance to your style.

Necklace Style: Brown Brazilian Druzy Necklace with Silver Fan Pendant on Oxidized Sterling Silver Chain
Gemstones: Brown Brazilian Druzy (Centerpiece)
Pendant Design: Silver Fan Shape
Chain Material: Oxidized Sterling Silver
Clasp Style: Handcrafted Spring Ring Clasp
Chain Length: 25 inches
Druzy Measures: 36 mm W x 45.5 mm L
Pendant Measures: 67 mm W x 85.5 mm L

This necklace beautifully combines the earthy elegance of brown Brazilian druzy with the artistic design of a silver fan-shaped pendant. The oxidized sterling silver chain provides a distinct and contrasting backdrop. With its extended length and handcrafted spring ring clasp, it offers both style and versatility.