Stunning family gemstone necklace

Posted by Ryan Chappell on

A close friend approached Boom a while back and commissioned a necklace to celebrate the birth of his second daughter. Boom’s idea was to create a necklace that had each of the family member’s birthstones set into gold. Gemstones were selected individually with larger cuts being selected for the adult family member and smaller stones for the children. Additional gemstones were added for extended family in the final design to better match the colour combinations of this necklace.


The gemstones were to be set in gold. Boom purchased a block of 24k solid gold from our local gold supplier. The gold will be cut up and melted down to form both the bezel settings for the gemstones and the final necklace. The necklace will be 22k gold and Boom will do the gold mix herself when melting down the solid block.

Gold is melted down into a chunk and slowly pressed through the wire pulling machine to create the right gauge of 22k gold wire. The wire will then be used to craft a dainty solid gold choker that the pendant can sit on.

The final pendant features stunning faceted emerald, ruby, aquamarine, amethyst, and sapphire gemstones in a 22k gold textured setting. Dainty diamonds were also used in the final design to set of the family gemstones. The pendant will sit on a hammered texture fine gold wire. 


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