November Birthstone

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For those born in November you are lucky. You actually have two birthstones that come in a multitude of colours. The birthstones for November are topaz and citrine. These two gemstones are actually unrelated in terms of mineral composition however yellow topaz is often mistaken for citrine because to the eye they are very similar.

Topaz comes in a huge variety of colours from the deep blues of London blue topaz to yellows light blues and even perfectly clear gems.





Citrine on the other had is slightly more limited but comes in a number of hues from light yellow to deep dark yellows. Both of these stunning gems are relatively inexpensive so large pieces of jewelry can be made with them at a good price. However the colour of these two gemstones is also stunning so they also look good in more dainty and fine pieces. Because of the huge variety of colours and shapes available people with a birthday in November should have an easy time finding a piece of jewelry that suites their personality and budget 


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