Druzy Jewelry for Fall 2017

Posted by Ryan Chappell on

Druzy is a stunning natural gemstone that occurs naturally inside of geodes or hollow rocks where the crystal structure can form. Druzy has the benefit of being a natural gemstone and also having a lot of sparkle and movement. It is also a very affordable gemstone because in most cases the crystals are quite small but are naturally attached to a backing of rock or mineral. It comes in many natural colors from greys to pinks and purples and even orange and red. Druzy is very popular for jewelry because large pieces can be made very affordably.
Metal Studio Jewelry has a full collection of druzy and silver rings, bangles, necklaces earrings and bracelets.
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metal studio jewelry silver and druzy rings bracelets and necklaces
metal studio jewelry rings bracelet and necklaces featuring natural druzy gemstones
metal studio jewelry silver and druzy rings bracelet and earrings


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