Sterling silver wedding ring with sunstone, opal and green tourmaline gemstone in bezel and prongs setting

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Presenting the exquisite "Sterling Silver Wedding Ring with Sunstone, Opal, and Green Tourmaline Gemstone," a symbol of your eternal love and commitment. This enchanting ring boasts a harmonious arrangement of three captivating gemstones, all masterfully set within a combination of bezel and prongs settings. The sterling silver band, embodying timeless elegance, is designed with meticulous attention to detail and offers free resizing for a personalized fit.

The central gemstone of this captivating ring is the sunstone, measuring 5.5mm in width. Sunstone is known for its warm, sun-like appearance, symbolizing vitality and illumination. Its fiery play of colors adds a touch of radiance to this exquisite piece.

Flanking the sunstone on either side is a mesmerizing opal gemstone, measuring 6mm in width and 3.5mm in height. Opal's unique iridescence creates a stunning play of colors that captures the imagination and adds an ethereal quality to the design.

Completing this triad of gemstones is a delicate green tourmaline, measuring 2mm in width. Green tourmaline represents growth, renewal, and a deep connection with nature, making it a meaningful addition to this exceptional ring.

The gemstones are thoughtfully secured within a combination of bezel and prongs settings, ensuring their safety while allowing their brilliance to shine through. The sterling silver band beautifully supports and complements the gemstones, while its timeless design signifies enduring love and commitment.

To ensure a perfect fit, we offer free resizing, ensuring that the ring will be as comfortable as it is beautiful on your finger.


Ring Style: Sterling Silver Wedding Ring with Sunstone, Opal, and Green Tourmaline Gemstone
Gemstones: Sunstone, Opal, Green Tourmaline
Band Material: Sterling Silver
Sunstone Measurement: 5.5mm W
Opal Measurement: 6mm W x 3.5mm H
Green Tourmaline Measurement: 2mm W
Setting: Combination of Bezel and Prongs
Free Resizing: Available
The "Sterling Silver Wedding Ring with Sunstone, Opal, and Green Tourmaline Gemstone" is a true expression of your unique love story, capturing the brilliance of your relationship and the promise of a beautiful future together.