Princess cut multi green sapphire ring in bezel setting with 18k gold texture band

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"Princess Cut Multi Green Sapphire Ring with 18k Gold Texture Band"


Multi Green Sapphires: This elegant ring features a collection of exquisite green sapphires, each meticulously set in a secure bezel setting. The individual green sapphires each measure 3.5mm in both width and height, displaying a range of captivating green hues.
Band Material:

The band of this remarkable ring is expertly crafted from 18k gold and boasts a slender width of 1.1mm.
Band Texture:

The 18k gold band showcases intricate texturing, adding an extra layer of artistry and individuality to the overall design.

This ring offers the convenience of free resizing, ensuring that it will fit comfortably and perfectly on your finger.

Ring Style: Princess Cut Multi Green Sapphire Ring with 18k Gold Texture Band
Gemstone: Multi Green Sapphires
Setting: Bezel
Band Material: 18k Gold
Band Width: 1.1mm
Gemstone Measures (Green Sapphires): 3.5mm W x 3.5mm H
Resizing: Free Resizing
This ring is a true testament to the captivating beauty of multi green sapphires. The sapphires are securely set within bezel settings, showcasing a beautiful array of green hues. The 18k gold band, with its intricate texturing, adds an extra layer of elegance to the design. With free resizing, you can be assured of a comfortable and perfect fit. It's a unique and refined combination of multi green sapphires and the luxury of 18k gold, making for a sophisticated and enchanting piece of jewelry.