Oval Garnet ring in texture sterling silver band and twin side set labradorite gemstone

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Immerse yourself in the rich elegance of our Crimson Twilight Ring, where sophistication meets timeless allure. The oval garnet gemstone, with its deep and captivating hue, takes center stage in this exquisite piece. Meticulously set within a texture sterling silver band, the garnet gemstone becomes a radiant symbol of passion and beauty.

Enhancing the allure of the ring are the twin side-set labradorite gemstones, which add a touch of mystique and ethereal charm. Their subtle play of iridescent colors creates a mesmerizing dance of light, captivating all who behold it.

The texture sterling silver band embraces a contemporary flair, symbolizing your individuality and sense of style. Its intricate patterns lend a tactile dimension to the ring, adding depth and visual appeal that make it truly unique.

For your utmost convenience and satisfaction, we offer complimentary resizing services, ensuring a perfect fit that will keep you comfortable and confident throughout the day.


Gemstone: Oval garnet, Twin side-set labradorite
Gemstone Measures (Garnet): 4.7 mm W x 7 mm H
Gemstone Measures (Labradorite): 2 mm W
Band Style: Texture sterling silver
Free resizing available
Indulge in the captivating elegance of our Crimson Twilight Ring. Let the oval garnet gemstone mesmerize you with its deep, rich hues, embraced by the texture sterling silver band. Allow the twin side-set labradorite gemstones to enchant your senses with their iridescent allure. This extraordinary piece celebrates your individuality and represents the perfect fusion of modern sophistication and timeless beauty.