Emerald ring and diamond on the side with 18k gold texture band

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"Emerald Ring with Diamond Accents on 18k Gold Texture Band"


This exquisite ring showcases a vibrant emerald as its focal point, radiating a lush green hue that symbolizes renewal and vitality. The emerald is securely set in a bezel setting, allowing its natural beauty to take center stage.

The emerald gemstone measures 4.7mm in width and 5.3mm in height, creating a captivating and noticeable presence on the finger.

Adding an extra layer of sophistication, the ring features a textured 18k gold band. The texture adds a tactile quality to the piece, enhancing its overall design and complementing the richness of the emerald.

To accentuate the main gemstone, there are diamonds set on each side of the emerald. These diamonds measure 2.4mm in width and 3mm in height, providing a sparkling contrast to the deep green of the emerald.

The thoughtful design includes an option for free resizing, ensuring that the ring fits comfortably and elegantly on any wearer.


The emerald gemstone, measuring 4.7mm x 5.3mm, captures the allure of nature with its vivid green color, making it a symbol of growth and harmony.

The accent diamonds, each measuring 2.4mm x 3mm, contribute brilliance and elegance to the overall design.

The emerald ring has a total diamond weight of 0.12 carats, adding a touch of luxury and sparkle to the piece.
This "Emerald Ring with Diamond Accents on 18k Gold Texture Band" is a celebration of nature's beauty and the timeless elegance of emeralds. The combination of the rich green hue, textured gold band, and sparkling diamonds makes this ring a unique and cherished piece for any jewelry collection.

Gemstone measures:(emerald):4.7 mm W x 5.3 mm H
Gemstone measures:(diamonds) 2.4 mm W x 3 mm H
Diamond weight: 0.12 ct