Crescent moon necklace with oval mint kyanite in silver bezel setting

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Introducing the enchanting "Crescent Moon Necklace with Oval Mint Kyanite in Silver Bezel Setting on Sterling Silver Chain," a captivating embodiment of celestial beauty and the allure of gemstones. This necklace captures the mystique of the crescent moon while showcasing the mesmerizing hues of an oval mint kyanite gemstone, creating a wearable work of art that resonates with elegance and symbolism.

At the heart of this exquisite necklace lies a luminous oval mint kyanite gemstone, securely cradled within a silver bezel setting. The oval cut accentuates the gemstone's gentle color shifts, displaying a soothing range of minty green tones. Mint kyanite is celebrated for its calming energy, symbolizing balance, tranquility, and growth. With a pendant measurement of approximately 31.5mm in width and 29mm in height, this pendant exudes both elegance and grace.

The pendant takes the shape of a crescent moon, a symbol of transition, intuition, and new beginnings. Crafted from sterling silver, the crescent moon design features delicate detailing that adds depth and intricacy. The pendant's sterling silver composition contrasts beautifully with the soothing mint kyanite, creating a harmonious interplay between metal and gemstone.

The necklace is thoughtfully designed with an 18-inch sterling silver chain, ensuring it rests gracefully around the wearer's neck. The handcrafted spring ring clasp adds an extra touch of artistry, securing the necklace while ensuring easy wear and removal.


Necklace Style: Crescent Moon Necklace with Oval Mint Kyanite in Silver Bezel Setting on Sterling Silver Chain
Gemstone: Oval Mint Kyanite
Pendant Measurement: Approximately 31.5mm W x 29mm H
Pendant Material: Oval Mint Kyanite, Sterling Silver
Pendant Setting: Silver Bezel Setting
Clasp Style: Handcrafted Spring Ring Clasp
Chain Material: Sterling Silver
Chain Length: 18 inches
The "Crescent Moon Necklace with Oval Mint Kyanite in Silver Bezel Setting on Sterling Silver Chain" beautifully fuses celestial symbolism with the allure of gemstones, offering wearers a piece of jewelry that embodies both elegance and personal significance. This necklace invites the wearer to embrace the transformative journey represented by the crescent moon while adorning themselves with the serene beauty of mint kyanite.

Wearing this necklace becomes an intimate connection to the celestial world, symbolizing the ebb and flow of life's transitions while encapsulating the calm and growth that come with each phase.