Sterling silver semi-oval shape pendant necklace with Amethyst, moonstone, pink sapphire and garnet gemstone

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"Sterling Silver Semi-Oval Shape Pendant Necklace with Amethyst, Moonstone, Pink Sapphire, and Garnet Gemstone"


This elegant semi-oval pendant necklace is a harmonious blend of sterling silver and an exquisite array of gemstones. The pendant features Amethyst, Moonstone, Pink Sapphire, and Garnet gemstones, each securely set in a delicate silver bezel setting.

The necklace, measuring 18.5 inches, is a perfect embodiment of grace and style.


The pendant is adorned with a stunning ensemble of gemstones. At its center lies a captivating Amethyst, exhibiting rich purple hues and set in a gleaming silver bezel.

On one side, you'll find a serene Moonstone, celebrated for its ethereal play of colors and dreamy quality, enhancing the pendant's appeal.

Opposite the Moonstone, a delicate Pink Sapphire adds a touch of elegance and glamour. It's meticulously set in the silver bezel to highlight its lustrous beauty.

To complete this gemstone symphony, a deep red Garnet graces the pendant, offering a sense of warmth and depth.

The pendant measures 36.5mm in width and 31.5mm in height, showcasing the craftsmanship and the beautiful blend of gemstones.


This pendant necklace features a handcrafted spring-ring clasp, ensuring ease of wear and secure closure.
This semi-oval pendant necklace in sterling silver is a testament to both artistry and gemstone curation. The pendant boasts a quartet of exquisite gemstones. A central Amethyst exhibits rich purple hues and is set securely in a gleaming silver bezel. To its side, a serene Moonstone offers an ethereal play of colors. On the opposite side, a Pink Sapphire brings elegance and glamour to the design. Completing this gemstone ensemble is a deep red Garnet, providing warmth and depth to the piece. The pendant measures 36.5mm in width and 31.5mm in height, showcasing the detailed craftsmanship. The necklace itself measures 18.5 inches, offering a harmonious balance of grace and style. With a handcrafted spring-ring clasp, this necklace ensures both secure wear and ease of use, making it a versatile and sophisticated accessory.

Necklace measure: 18.5 inches
Pendant measure: 36.5 mm W x 31.5 mm H