Custom Silver Bangle Bracelet with Amber

Posted by Ryan Chappell on

This stunning bracelet was hand crafted for a customer who provided an amber gemstone and asked Boom to create something unique with the gemstone. The bangle is a standard silver bangle that was cut and stretched apart to create a bolder looking bangle. Because of the oblong shape of the gemstone and the rough look to the gem Boom decide to craft the bracelet with rough look that would match the gemstone. The edges of the bangle have been melted with very high heat so that only the very distant edges of the silver would melt creating a rough looking edge the the bracelet. The gemstone was set in a textured and oxidized silver bezel setting with brass accent prongs that have been Boom’s signature setting in 2016.

The finished bangle is an elegant but rough looking design that pairs with anything from the most simple of daily wear to elegant evening attire.


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