Vanadinite on barite pendant necklace with marquise labradorite gemstone

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"Vanadinite on Barite Pendant Necklace with Marquise Labradorite Gemstone":


Vanadinite on Barite: This pendant necklace showcases a captivating Vanadinite on Barite gemstone. The distinct combination of colors and textures in this gemstone makes it a focal point of the necklace.
Labradorite: A marquise-cut labradorite gemstone adds a touch of elegance and mystique to this necklace. Labradorite is known for its iridescent play of colors, giving the pendant a captivating allure.
Pendant Design:

The pendant is expertly designed to accentuate the beauty of the gemstones. It features a sterling silver setting that elegantly complements the gemstones.

The pendant gracefully hangs from a 24.5-inch sterling silver chain, providing a suitable length for most necklines. The necklace is secured with a handcrafted spring ring clasp, ensuring that it remains in place while being easy to put on and take off.

Necklace Style: Vanadinite on Barite Pendant Necklace with Marquise Labradorite Gemstone
Gemstones: Vanadinite on Barite, Labradorite
Pendant Design: Sterling Silver Setting
Chain Material: Sterling Silver
Clasp Style: Handcrafted Spring Ring Clasp
Chain Length: 24.5 inches
Pendant Measures: 30.5 mm W x 68.5 mm H
Gemstone Measures (Vanadinite on Barite): 30.5 mm W x 38 mm H
Gemstone Measures (Labradorite): 29 mm W x 14 mm H
This pendant necklace is a harmonious blend of unique gemstones and expert craftsmanship. The Vanadinite on Barite gemstone's contrast with the marquise-cut labradorite creates a captivating and eye-catching piece of jewelry.