Teardrop Labrodorite with butterfly shape pendant necklace with sterling silver chain

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Presenting our exquisite teardrop Labradorite pendant necklace, boasting an elegant butterfly shape in engraving technique. The pendant showcases a teardrop cabochon Labradorite in a stunning silver bezel and prongs setting, adorned with an oval Star Diopside secondary gemstone. This masterpiece dangles gracefully from an oxidized sterling silver cable chain, secured with a handcrafted s-hook clasp closer.

At the heart of this enchanting pendant lies a captivating teardrop cabochon Labradorite, measuring 12mm in width and 20mm in height. Labradorite's mesmerizing play-of-color is beautifully accentuated by the sterling silver bezel setting and prongs, enhancing its iridescent allure while ensuring its secure placement.

The Labradorite is skillfully encased within a butterfly-shaped pendant, meticulously engraved by our talented artisans. The butterfly symbolizes transformation and grace, adding a touch of symbolism and elegance to this exceptional piece of jewelry.

Complementing the Labradorite's allure is the oval Star Diopside secondary gemstone. With its unique asterism effect—a stunning star-like pattern visible on the surface—Star Diopside adds a celestial charm to the pendant, capturing attention and admiration.

The pendant measures an impressive 77mm in width and 53.5mm in height, making it a bold and eye-catching statement piece. Its generous size allows the intricate butterfly engraving and the gemstones to shine brilliantly, reflecting the wearer's unique personality and style.

To complete the necklace's allure, it comes with a high-quality oxidized sterling silver cable chain, measuring 19.5 inches in length. The oxidized finish lends a vintage and rustic appeal to the chain, harmonizing perfectly with the pendant's aesthetics.

For easy and secure fastening, the necklace features a handcrafted s-hook clasp. The s-hook clasp not only ensures a reliable closure but also adds an artistic touch to the overall design.


Main Gemstone: Labradorite
Main Gemstone Shape: Teardrop Cabochon
Main Gemstone Measure: 12mm W x 20mm H
Secondary Gemstone: Star Diopside (Oval)
Pendant Setting: Sterling Silver Bezel and Prongs
Pendant Style: Butterfly with Engraving Technique
Pendant Measures: 77mm W x 53.5mm H
Chain Material: Oxidized Sterling Silver (Cable Chain)
Chain Length: 19.5 inches
Clasp Style: Handcrafted S-Hook Clasp
Handcraft: Yes
Embrace the magic and sophistication of our teardrop Labradorite pendant necklace, featuring a gracefully engraved butterfly motif. The allure of Labradorite's iridescence paired with the celestial charm of Star Diopside makes this necklace a true work of art and a meaningful adornment.

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