Rutilated quartz pendant, silver pendant necklace, teardrop rutilated quartz pendant necklace, silver gemstone pendant necklace

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Rutiated quartz pendant necklace in teardrop shape.
This is a golden rutilated quartz pendant necklace with a oxidized and textured sterling silver setting.
The gemstone is in a reverse teardrop and is set in a sterling silver bezel setting with sterling silver prongs
Dainty silver beads decorate the side of the silver chain

Handcraft spring ring clasp closer

Necklace measure: 18 inch
Pendant measure: 18 mm W x 26 mm H

Modifications are welcome on the necklace if you would like an alternative necklace length please just let me know. There is no additional cost for modifications to length of the necklace.
Other custom modifications are also welcome, please contact me to discuss details

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