Rose cut salt and pepper diamond with sterling silver in Thai design engraving band

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“Rose Cut Salt and Pepper Diamond with Sterling Silver in Thai Design Engraving Band”


• This stunning ring showcases a captivating rose-cut Salt and Pepper Diamond set in a unique sterling silver band. The band features intricate Thai design engraving, adding a touch of exotic elegance to the piece.
• The ring is designed for free resizing, ensuring a perfect fit on your finger.


• The centerpiece of this ring is a beautiful rose-cut Salt and Pepper Diamond, measuring 5.2mm in width and 3.5mm in height. This diamond boasts a weight of 0.03 carats and is celebrated for its unique, speckled appearance, which adds character and individuality to the ring.


• The sterling silver band is adorned with Thai design engraving, which infuses the ring with a touch of cultural charm and sophistication.

This exquisite ring is a true work of art, bringing together the timeless beauty of a rose-cut Salt and Pepper Diamond and the elegance of Thai design engraving in sterling silver. The diamond’s unique speckled appearance adds character and individuality to the piece. The free resizing option ensures a comfortable and perfect fit, allowing you to enjoy this ring for a lifetime. With its captivating diamond and distinctive band, this ring is a symbol of both elegance and individuality.