Pink sapphire and moonstone pendant necklace in silver bezel setting with silver engraving plate on sterling silver chain

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Introducing the enchanting "Pink Sapphire and Moonstone Pendant Necklace in Silver Bezel Setting with Silver Engraving Plate on Sterling Silver Chain." This necklace beautifully combines the elegance of pink sapphire and moonstone, showcasing their natural beauty in a striking design.

Gemstones: The pendant features a stunning pink sapphire and moonstone duo. Pink sapphire, known for its romantic hue, is securely set in a silver bezel, allowing its vibrant color to shine. Moonstone, with its ethereal and iridescent quality, complements the pink sapphire perfectly. These gemstones are a harmonious pairing, creating a mesmerizing effect. The pendant measures approximately 28.5mm in width and 36mm in height.

Pendant Design: A unique and artistic touch to this necklace is the presence of a silver engraving plate. This plate adds a personalized element to the necklace, making it a meaningful and cherished piece. The combination of the engraved silver plate with the gemstones creates a balanced and elegant design.

Chain: The pendant gracefully hangs from an 18-inch sterling silver chain. Sterling silver is prized for its timeless appeal and durability, making it the perfect choice to complement the gemstones.

Clasp: To ensure ease of wear and security, the necklace features a handcrafted spring ring clasp. This clasp provides both comfort and peace of mind, ensuring your necklace stays in place throughout the day.


Necklace Style: Pink Sapphire and Moonstone Pendant Necklace with Silver Engraving Plate on Sterling Silver Chain
Gemstones: Pink Sapphire and Moonstone
Pendant Measurement: 28.5mm W x 36mm H
Pendant Material: Sterling Silver
Chain Material: Sterling Silver
Chain Length: 18 inches
Clasp Type: Handcrafted Spring Ring Clasp
The "Pink Sapphire and Moonstone Pendant Necklace with Silver Bezel Setting and Silver Engraving Plate on Sterling Silver Chain" is a symbol of elegance and individuality. It combines the enchanting allure of gemstones with a personalized touch, making it a wonderful choice for any occasion or as a thoughtful gift for a loved one.

This necklace allows you to wear not only the beauty of natural gemstones but also your own personal story, engraved on the silver plate. It's a versatile and meaningful accessory that can effortlessly elevate your style and carry sentimental value.