Oval moonstone cabochon ring and twin side set amethyst with sterling silver hammer texture band

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Presenting the exquisite "Oval Moonstone Cabochon Ring with Twin Side Set Amethyst," a harmonious union of ethereal moonstone and the regal charm of amethyst. This captivating ring showcases an oval moonstone cabochon, elegantly accented by twin amethyst gemstones on a sterling silver band adorned with a hammered texture. With our commitment to your satisfaction, we offer free resizing to ensure a perfect fit.

At the heart of this enchanting design lies a mesmerizing oval moonstone cabochon, measuring 4.2 mm in width and 6.3 mm in height. The moonstone's serene and enchanting play of colors is perfectly showcased by the prong setting, evoking a sense of celestial wonder.

Flanking either side of the moonstone are two delicate amethyst gemstones, each measuring 2 mm in both width and height. The amethyst's rich purple hues exude a sense of elegance and royalty, adding depth and contrast to the design.

The sterling silver band features a hammered texture, imbuing the piece with a unique tactile quality. This hammered texture reflects the skill and artistry of the craftspeople who created it, ensuring that each ring is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

For your convenience, this ring comes with free resizing, guaranteeing that it fits you comfortably and exudes a sense of personal connection.


Ring Style: Oval Moonstone Cabochon Ring with Twin Side Set Amethyst
Main Gemstone: Moonstone
Side Gemstones: Amethyst
Band Material: Sterling Silver
Band Texture: Hammered
Main Gemstone Measurement: 4.2 mm W x 6.3 mm H
Side Gemstone Measurement: 2 mm W x 2 mm H
Free Resizing: Available
The "Oval Moonstone Cabochon Ring with Twin Side Set Amethyst" invites you to embrace the beauty of the moon and the allure of amethyst, creating a timeless piece that embodies both elegance and mystique.