Oval Moonstone bangle bracelet in silver bezel and prongs setting with oxidized sterling silver with texture band

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The Oval Moonstone Bangle Bracelet is a captivating piece of jewelry featuring a stunning oval moonstone gemstone set in a silver bezel and prongs. The bracelet is crafted from oxidized sterling silver with a textured band, creating a unique and sophisticated design.

Bracelet Measurements: 6 inches Inner Circumference x 0.15 inches Width
Gemstone Measurements: 19 mm Width x 11 mm Height

This bracelet showcases a beautiful oval moonstone gemstone set in a combination of silver bezel and prongs, perfectly complemented by an oxidized sterling silver textured band. The bracelet measures 6 inches in inner circumference and 0.15 inches in width, providing a comfortable and stylish fit. The moonstone gemstone measures 19 mm in width and 11 mm in height, making it a striking focal point of the piece. This oval moonstone bangle bracelet is ideal for those who appreciate finely crafted jewelry with a touch of elegance and sophistication.