Oval faceted Blue sapphire ring in rose gold bezel setting with silver texture oxidized thick band

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Oval Faceted Blue Sapphire Ring in Rose Gold Bezel Setting with Silver Texture Oxidized Thick Band"


This exquisite ring showcases an oval faceted blue sapphire, known for its deep blue color and captivating sparkle.

The oval blue sapphire is securely set within a rose gold bezel, adding a touch of elegance to the design.

The gemstone measurement for the oval faceted blue sapphire is 5.5mm in width and 9.2mm in height, making it the stunning centerpiece of the ring.


The ring features a thick silver band with a unique oxidized texture, providing a striking contrast to the brilliant blue sapphire.
The oxidized texture adds character and a vintage-inspired look to the silver band.
Band Width:

The band is thick, which not only adds to the ring's durability but also gives it a bold and distinctive appearance.

This ring offers free resizing, ensuring it fits your finger perfectly and comfortably.

Ring Style: Oval Faceted Blue Sapphire Ring with Rose Gold Bezel Setting and Silver Oxidized Texture Thick Band
Gemstone: Oval Faceted Blue Sapphire
Band Material: Silver with Oxidized Texture
Band Width: Thick Band
Gemstone Measurement: 5.5mm (W) x 9.2mm (H)
Resizing: Free Resizing
This stunning ring showcases an oval faceted blue sapphire set within a rose gold bezel, offering an elegant and captivating look. The silver band, with its distinctive oxidized texture, creates a striking contrast with the sapphire's brilliance. Measuring 5.5mm in width and 9.2mm in height, the sapphire takes center stage in this design. The thick band adds both durability and boldness to the overall aesthetic. With free resizing, this ring ensures a comfortable and personalized fit. This ring perfectly combines timeless beauty with artisanal texture, making it a truly special piece of jewelry.