Natural Labradorite pendant necklace with silver fan and oval tiny blue kyanite secondary

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The Natural Labradorite Pendant Necklace is an exquisite piece of jewelry featuring a stunning labradorite gemstone set in a silver fan design, accompanied by an oval tiny blue kyanite secondary gemstone. The pendant is elegantly suspended on a sterling silver chain, secured with a handcrafted spring ring clasp, creating a sophisticated and unique design.

Chain Length: 25 inches
Pendant Dimensions: 38.5 mm Width x 56.5 mm Height
Main Gemstone (Labradorite) Dimensions: 20.5 mm Width x 34 mm Height

This necklace showcases a beautiful natural labradorite gemstone set within a silver fan design, complemented by an oval tiny blue kyanite secondary gemstone. The necklace measures 25 inches in length, providing a perfect fit for various styles and occasions. The pendant measures 38.5 mm in width and 56.5 mm in height, making it a striking focal point of the piece. The main labradorite gemstone measures 20.5 mm in width and 34 mm in height, adding a mesmerizing and eye-catching element to the design. The handcrafted spring ring clasp ensures both elegance and security. This natural labradorite pendant necklace is ideal for those who appreciate finely crafted jewelry with a touch of natural beauty and sophistication.

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