Large Seashell necklace with oilve green labradorite in copper bezel setting,blue topaz,garnet and moonstone on silver triangle shape

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-Large Seashell necklace in silver bezel and prongs setting
-Oilve green labradorite necklace in copper bezel setting,round faceted blue topaz,teardrop garnet and round moonstone in silver bezel setting
-Sterling silver triangle oxidized texture
-Star ruby in silver bezel and silver nest on the side
-Decoration gemstone:freshwarer pearls,smoky quartz,citrine,ruby,tourmaline,labradorite and amethyst
Handcraft S-clasp closer

Necklace measure: 22 inches
Pendant measure: 76 mm W x 95 mm H

SKU: 5L-XM32-530G