Hand crafted ceramic bottom pendant necklace with Turquoise and silver chain decoration

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Introducing the uniquely crafted "Handcrafted Ceramic Bottom Pendant Necklace with Turquoise and Silver Chain Decoration." This necklace stands as a testament to artistic expression, combining the tactile beauty of handcrafted ceramic with the natural allure of turquoise and the elegance of a silver chain.

The centerpiece of this necklace is a handcrafted ceramic pendant, showcasing an intricate and distinctive design. The ceramic's tactile qualities create a visually appealing contrast with the smooth and polished turquoise gemstone, resulting in a harmonious blend of textures. The pendant measures approximately 26.5mm in width and 91.5mm in height, making it a statement piece that draws the eye and invites closer inspection.

Nestled within the ceramic pendant is a turquoise gemstone, renowned for its stunning blue hues and associations with protection and positive energy. The combination of ceramic and turquoise adds depth and character to the necklace, elevating it beyond conventional jewelry designs.

The pendant is complemented by a sterling silver chain that measures approximately 19 inches in length. The silver chain provides a striking contrast to the earthy tones of the ceramic pendant and the vibrant blue of the turquoise gemstone.

For a secure and easy-to-use closure, the necklace features a handcrafted spring ring clasp. This clasp design not only ensures the necklace remains securely fastened but also adds an artisanal touch that aligns with the overall theme of the piece.


Necklace Style: Handcrafted Ceramic Bottom Pendant Necklace with Turquoise and Silver Chain Decoration
Pendant Material: Handcrafted Ceramic and Turquoise Gemstone
Pendant Measurement: Approximately 26.5mm W x 91.5mm H
Chain Material: Sterling Silver Chain
Chain Length: Approximately 19 inches
Clasp Type: Handcrafted Spring Ring Clasp
The "Handcrafted Ceramic Bottom Pendant Necklace with Turquoise and Silver Chain Decoration" captures the essence of artisanal craftsmanship, nature's beauty, and creative expression. Its unique combination of materials and meticulous attention to detail make it a distinctive and meaningful addition to your jewelry collection. Embrace this necklace's fusion of textures, colors, and forms, and allow it to reflect your appreciation for the extraordinary in the everyday.