Crescent moon necklace with oval ruby in silver bezel setting

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"Crescent Moon Necklace with Oval Ruby in Silver Bezel Setting"


This captivating crescent moon necklace features a radiant oval ruby gemstone set within a finely crafted silver bezel setting.

The necklace measures 19 inches in length, making it a versatile and elegant piece suitable for various occasions.


The focal point of this necklace is a splendid oval ruby gemstone. It is skillfully set in a silver bezel, accentuating its natural beauty and deep red hue.

The ruby gemstone measures 25.5mm in width and 20.5mm in height, showcasing its exquisite color and alluring presence.


The necklace is secured with a handcrafted spring ring clasp, ensuring both ease of wear and security.
This crescent moon necklace with an oval ruby gemstone embodies elegance and celestial charm. The stunning oval ruby takes center stage, set within a silver bezel that enhances its captivating beauty. With a necklace length of 19 inches, it's a versatile accessory suitable for a variety of outfits and occasions. The oval ruby gemstone measures 25.5mm in width and 20.5mm in height, making it a statement piece with its rich red color. The handcrafted spring ring clasp ensures that it stays securely in place. This necklace is a symbol of sophistication and grace, perfect for those who appreciate the allure of celestial motifs and genuine gemstones.

Necklace measure: 19 inches
Pendant measure: 25.5 mm W x 20.5 mm H