Bracelet oval faceted blue sapphire and silver leaf with oxidized sterling silver chain

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Elevate your style with our exquisite Bracelet showcasing an Oval Faceted Blue Sapphire gemstone and a Silver Leaf charm, gracefully displayed on an oxidized sterling silver chain. This captivating bracelet captures the essence of luxury and sophistication, radiating the allure of blue sapphire.

The oval faceted blue sapphire gemstone, measuring 14 mm in width and 10.5 mm in height, boasts a mesmerizing deep blue hue that exudes elegance and allure. Paired with the timeless beauty of the silver leaf charm, this bracelet becomes a symbol of refined grace and contemporary fashion.

With a length of 7 inches, the bracelet provides a perfect fit, encircling your wrist with comfort and style. The handcraft s-hook clasp ensures a secure closure while adding an artisanal touch to the overall design.


Materials: Sterling silver, Blue Sapphire
Bracelet Length: 7 inches
Gemstone Measures: 14 mm W x 10.5 mm H
Clasp: Handcraft s-hook clasp

Make a bold statement of elegance and sophistication with our Bracelet featuring an Oval Faceted Blue Sapphire and a Silver Leaf charm. The captivating blue sapphire gemstone, renowned for its association with wisdom and royalty, harmoniously complements the refined beauty of the silver leaf.

This bracelet effortlessly adds a touch of luxury to any attire, making it a versatile piece for both formal occasions and everyday wear. The combination of oxidized sterling silver and blue sapphire creates a stunning contrast, making it an eye-catching piece that captures attention and admiration.

Add this exquisite bracelet to your jewelry collection and showcase your impeccable taste in fashion and appreciation for artisanal craftsmanship. The timeless appeal of the blue sapphire and the delicate elegance of the silver leaf make this piece a treasured heirloom that transcends trends and remains a symbol of enduring beauty and sophistication.