Black star diposide earrings with silver double circle and finger drops on sterling silver hooks style

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Introducing the captivating "Black Star Diopside Earrings with Silver Double Circle and Finger Drops," a remarkable representation of your unique connection. These exquisite earrings showcase the enchanting beauty of black star diopside, set within a silver double circle design and complemented by delicate finger drops. Suspended elegantly from sterling silver hooks, these earrings are a testament to your distinct bond and style.

The focal point of these captivating earrings is the black star diopside gemstone, known for its intriguing star-like optical phenomenon. With a width of 21.5mm and a length of 78mm, these earrings demand attention and admiration.

A silver double circle design surrounds the black star diopside gemstone, adding depth and dimension to the overall aesthetic. The intricate craftsmanship of the double circles speaks to the complexity and richness of your relationship.

Delicate finger drops elegantly dangle from the silver circles, enhancing the movement and allure of the earrings. These finger drops symbolize the connection and touch that brings you closer together.

The earrings are suspended from sterling silver hooks, offering both comfort and style. The sterling silver material not only complements the gemstone but also signifies the enduring quality of your love.

Each earring measures 21.5mm in width and an impressive 78mm in height, making them a striking and remarkable accessory that perfectly complements your personality and relationship.


Earring Style: Black Star Diopside Earrings with Silver Double Circle and Finger Drops
Gemstone: Black Star Diopside
Design: Silver Double Circle and Finger Drops
Earring Hooks: Sterling Silver Hooks
Earring Measurement: 21.5mm W x 78mm H
The "Black Star Diopside Earrings with Silver Double Circle and Finger Drops" are an embodiment of your distinctive love story, reflecting the beauty, complexity, and depth of your connection. These earrings are a dazzling expression of your unique bond and the moments that make your journey together special.