Blue/green Turquoise signet style ring in sterling silver textured and oxidized band

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"Blue/Green Turquoise Signet Style Ring in Sterling Silver Textured and Oxidized Band"


This stunning signet style ring showcases a captivating blue/green turquoise gemstone, adding a splash of color and sophistication to your jewelry collection.

The turquoise gemstone is securely set within a sterling silver bezel, offering both protection and a striking contrast to the stone.

The turquoise gemstone measures 9.2mm in width and 13.5mm in height, making it a prominent and eye-catching centerpiece of the ring.


The ring features a textured and oxidized sterling silver band, imparting depth and character to the overall design.
The texture and oxidation contribute to an antique or vintage-inspired appearance, giving the ring a distinct and timeless allure.
Band Width:

The band width is thoughtfully designed to harmonize with the signet style, ensuring both visual appeal and comfort for everyday wear.

The ring comes with the convenience of free resizing, assuring a perfect and personalized fit for your finger.

Ring Style: Blue/Green Turquoise Signet Style Ring with Textured and Oxidized Sterling Silver Band
Gemstone: Blue/Green Turquoise
Band Material: Sterling Silver
Band Width: Textured and Oxidized Band
Gemstone Measurement: 9.2mm (W) x 13.5mm (H)
Resizing: Free Resizing
This exquisite signet style ring features a striking blue/green turquoise gemstone set within a sterling silver bezel. The contrast between the vibrant turquoise and the textured and oxidized sterling silver band adds to the charm and timelessness of the piece. The turquoise gemstone, measuring 9.2mm by 13.5mm, is a prominent focal point. The band is designed for both comfort and style, and the ring comes with free resizing to ensure an ideal fit. This ring is a captivating addition to your jewelry collection, blending beauty and character into one unique piece.