Natural red ruby cocktail ring in prongs setting with 14k gold hammer texture design band

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"Natural Red Ruby Cocktail Ring in 14k Gold with Hammer Texture Design Band," a stunning piece of jewelry featuring a hand-selected red ruby gemstone set in a textured 14k gold band:

Ring Style: This exquisite cocktail ring is expertly crafted from 14k gold, featuring a textured band with a vintage-inspired hammer texture design. The 1.4mm band adds an elegant and delicate touch to the overall design.

Gemstone: The centerpiece of this ring is a hand-selected red ruby gemstone. The ruby is known for its deep red color, symbolizing love and passion. This particular ruby measures 9.7mm in width, 11.4mm in height, and has a depth of 5.72mm. Its weight is an impressive 6.330 carats, making it a truly captivating and eye-catching gem.

Free Resizing: The ring comes with the convenient option of free resizing, ensuring that it fits perfectly on your finger. This feature adds to the convenience and ensures that the ring is comfortable to wear.

Versatile Design: This ring is not only a stunning piece of jewelry but also highly versatile. It can be worn as a cocktail ring, making a bold statement at special occasions, or even as an engagement ring due to its exceptional ruby centerpiece. Additionally, the textured design adds a unique character to the ring, making it one-of-a-kind.

Birthstone Significance: Rubies are the birthstone for the month of July, making this ring an ideal gift for individuals born in this month. It's a meaningful and thoughtful present that celebrates their birth month with a gorgeous and genuine ruby.

Matching Sets: The description also mentions the possibility of creating matching wedding bands or his-and-hers wedding bands, providing the opportunity to have a coordinated and complementary set of jewelry.

One-of-a-Kind Craftsmanship: The ring is described as a one-of-a-kind handcrafted design, which means that it's a unique piece of artistry. This adds to its exclusivity and appeal.

This cocktail ring is a true work of art, combining the allure of a stunning red ruby gemstone with the elegance of 14k gold and intricate texturing. Whether worn for a special occasion or as an engagement ring, it's sure to make a statement and hold sentimental value.

• 14k gold ring and 1.4 mm band
• Textured for a vintage ring style
• Stunning hand selected red ruby gemstone
• Faceted ruby engagement ring
• This ring makes a great engagement ring
• I can also make matching wedding bands or his hers wedding bands
• One of a kind hand crafted design
• Ruby gemstone is the birthstone of July
• This makes a great gift for women with birthdays in Ruby

Gemstone measures: 9.7 mm W x 11.4 mm H x 5.72 mm D
Gemstone Weight: 6.330 ct.

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