Rose cut champagne diamond ring with rectangle diamond on hammer texture 18k gold band

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"Rose Cut Champagne Diamond Ring with Rectangle Diamond on 18k Gold Hammer Texture Band"


This exquisite ring showcases a captivating rose-cut champagne diamond as its centerpiece, lending a warm and sophisticated hue to the design. The rose cut enhances the diamond's natural luster, creating a distinctive and vintage-inspired appearance.

The champagne diamond measures 4mm in width and 5mm in height, featuring a rich and alluring color that adds a touch of glamour to the ring.

Accentuating the sides of the ring is a rectangle-cut diamond, contributing additional sparkle and brilliance to the overall composition. The rectangle diamond measures 2.4mm in width and 3mm in height, providing a contrasting geometric element.

The band, expertly crafted from 18k gold, features a hammer texture that adds an artisanal and tactile quality to the design. The hammered texture creates a play of light and shadow, enhancing the visual interest of the band.

Both diamonds and the gold band work in harmony to create a ring that seamlessly blends classic and contemporary elements, making it a versatile and timeless piece.

The option for free resizing ensures that this stunning ring can be adjusted for the perfect fit on the wearer's finger.


The rose-cut champagne diamond, with dimensions of 4mm in width and 5mm in height, exudes a warm and sophisticated hue. The rose cut enhances its natural brilliance, creating a vintage-inspired aesthetic.

The rectangle diamond, measuring 2.4mm in width and 3mm in height, adds a contrasting geometric element and additional sparkle to the design.


The champagne diamond has a weight of 0.2 carats, contributing to the overall allure of the ring with its rich and warm color.

The rectangle diamond has a weight of 0.03 carats, providing additional brilliance and complementing the central champagne diamond.

This rose-cut champagne diamond ring with a hammered texture gold band is a unique and elegant piece that combines vintage charm with contemporary style. The contrasting shapes and textures make this ring a distinctive addition to any jewelry collection, and with free resizing available, it can be customized for the perfect fit.

Gemstone measures: (champagne diamond ) 4 mm W x 5 mm H
Gemstone measures:(diamond) 2.4 mm H x 3 mm H
champagne diamond weight: 0.2 ct
Diamond weight: 0.03 ct